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Call our clinic today to find out how our clinically proven, doctor-prescribed weight-loss medication can help you.

5080 Bradenton Ave, Ste. C
Dublin, OH 43017
(614) 376-0751

Lose Weight Fast In Columbus

My weight loss in 7 Mos is a whopping 38 lbs, A1C down over 1 point, less shortness of breath, Cholesteral down/normal, significant amount more energy. pant size down 3 sizes, shirts down 2 sizes, (my shoes even feel better) ! lbs lost per wk 1.6 lbs


Staff, doctor, and owner have been absolutely amazing! I literally feel like I’ve been catered to my entire experience with this company. I have to date lost over 30 pounds. It has been the easiest weight I’ve ever lost! Can not say enough positive things about this clinic and medication!


Kind and informative staff
Positive weight loss results of about 2# weekly.


Lost over 30lbs!


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