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No More Shots. No More Needles.

Just a drop a day under the tongue to lose weight.

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Compounded semaglutide has been a game-changer in weight loss management, but administering injections has posed challenges for patients.

In addition to our injectables, we have recently partnered with several nationwide compounding pharmacies that offer a new sublingual delivery system of liquid GLP-1 semaglutide for weight loss, with results
equal to or greater than the injectables.

Global surveys have shown that 63.2% of the general adult population experience needle phobia, with 25% having trypanophobia or an extreme fear of needles.* Sublingual medication doses are absorbed easily from under the tongue, dissolving effortlessly in the mouth. Patients experiencing chest pain, with a suspected heart attack, are given Nitroglycerin sublingually in the ambulance, not by injection. Absorbed in the mucous membranes, the medication enters the tiny blood vessels beneath the tongue to capillaries and then the bloodstream, much faster than a pill, bypassing gastric acid and Intestinal hepatic enzymes and avoiding
first-pass metabolism by the liver.

Eliminating the need for needles and injections, the GLP-1 semaglutide sublingual medication is available in several strengths as determined by the physician and formulated to curb cravings, support weight loss, and promote appetite control it can also be used in conjunction with injectables for patients on maintenance. The once-daily application of the liquid smooths out potential dosing spikes and aids in minimizing potential negative side effects. They ensure patients’ consistency and ease of use, allowing them to integrate the treatment seamlessly into their daily routines. It’s travel-friendly, easy to store, and convenient for patients without compromising their weight loss process.

A recently published test shows a once-daily oral semaglutide tablet or pill had a weight loss of 17.4% over 68 weeks* compared to 14.9% for injectable semaglutide.* Only 1% of a semaglutide pill is absorbed in the stomach, whereas the sublingual route sees 30-40% absorption. Because of higher potency, doctors can prescribe smaller dosages to get the intended results. Less nausea Is experienced than injections because patients take smaller consistent daily doses versus one loading dose once a week.


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